A personal budgeting service that puts order to any household finances

When it comes to managing money, it really is a question of what people know. For many, the constant rush of life means lots of people have little or no time to sit down and take stock of their household finances. Doing so can mean looking for new ways of cutting costs but at a very minimum, it means you are more informed on what you pay. And taking stock of where your money actually goes is precisely what the staff at St. Joseph’s Irish Airports & Aviation Credit Union excel at for the benefit of members.

Every month, members of St. Joseph’s have their monthly bills paid through a convenient service the credit union offers to all members. Mortgage, car insurance, home insurance, all paid by way of a simple and effective service that some members have been relying on to manage their household bills for many, many years.

Called the Budget Money Management Scheme, the system is really simple. Members contact St. Joes and provide them with a list of the bills they wish to pay and the relevant information to allow the staff at St. Joe’s to carry out the job of paying those bills.

This programme was first launched by St. Joseph's Credit Union and today, it a “lifesaver” for some.

Benefits of the Budget Money Management Scheme include:

On-time payment of your most important bills.

• Ease of household finances.

• No late payments

• We arrange the entire payment process.

The Budget Money Management Scheme is the key that sets St. Joe’s aside; its personal, convenient and flexible.

CEO Edel Bourke puts it best when she says “I manage my own finances through the Budget Money Management Scheme and have done so for years. I know my most important bills will be paid on time which gives me peace of mind”.

To find out more or to put the Budget Money Management Scheme to work for you, call or email the team at St. Joe’s (www.aviationcu.ie) today to discuss your preferred options to simplify your monthly bill payment process.