A Debt Consolidation Loan for Simplicity

Following the end-of-year spending splurge, return-to-school expenses and a host of other bills, families can sometimes find they have multiple and expensive debts to repay each and every month.

But instead of stressing, there is another way to make debt manageable again.

It’s called a Debt Consolidation loan. As the name might suggest, a debt consolidation loan from St. Joseph’s Irish Airports & Aviation Credit Union can be a smart option to cutting the overall cost of debt.

With a debt consolidation loan, instead of having multiple debts, you can just have one simple monthly repayment. Here are some of the key advantages of taking out a debt consolidation loan from St. Joseph’s Irish Airports & Aviation Credit Union.

One Simple Monthly Repayment

With our simple debt consolidation loan, we help you free up time and end the hassle of worrying about managing multiple debts; our debt consolidation loan pays off all your expensive car loans, PCP balloon payments and credit card debts into one simple monthly repayment. Yes, it can be that simple!

Less Interest Costs

Credit cards can be convenient but they can also be really expensive, especially if you carry a balance from month to month. The reason for this is due to the fact credit cards charge interest that ‘compounds’ each month a balance is carried over from the previous month. So, with each passing month, where a balance is carried from the previous month, interest is charged on interest which builds over time. In some cases, the cost of interest can be higher than the original amount charged. So, a €300 purchase could cost an extra €300 in total interest costs. But this all depends on how the person repays the credit card debt.

Protect Your Credit Profile

Your personal credit profile is in many ways your most significant profile. In 2018, this important system which tracks how you repay all debts will be managed via the Central Credit Register (the Irish Credit Bureau may remain but lenders will no longer be required to check it in the event people apply to borrow). All loans are included as part of your credit profile so it is important you keep all repayments up-to-date. With a debt consolidation loan from St. Joseph’s Irish Airports & Aviation Credit Union, managing your outstanding debts can become more manageable and easier again.