Consumer watchdog to investigate PCP finance deals

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission has commenced a study into the Personal Contract Plan (PCP) car finance market.


PCP is a form of hire purchase that has become increasingly popular in the car finance market in recent years. However, a growing chorus of consumer concern is forcing the state body to investigate such arrangements.


Many car dealers now market PCP as their primary method of finance, according to the CCPC. Its study will examine the level of understanding of PCP contracts, while also assessing the information given at the point of sale along with the overall experience of consumers.


Of particular interest of the probe will be overall understanding of the those that have used PCPs as a means of financing their car purchase, including the structure of the product and the options available to them at the end of the agreement.


The CCPC announced that following its study of the PCP market, it will make a determination whether current PCP arrangements are fit-for-purpose and if necessary, changes to existing arrangements.


Commenting on the probe, Chairperson of the CCPC Isolde Goggin said: "...these products are relatively new and considering their complexity there is potential for consumer misunderstanding and detriment if they take out a product that may not be suitable for them."


"The information gained through this study will guide our future work and form an evidence base that can be used by policy-makers to assess the suitability, or otherwise, of the current consumer protection regime."


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