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Online Shopping Shocks

You see the ads pop up on your social media account. A fab piece of clothing that would be PERFECT for that special someone for Christmas. And with online payments so seamless, the entire buying process can be completed in a few clicks. Simple!

Or was it?

For many shoppers, what can seem like a simply 'click and buy’ process can be anything but.

Practical Tips for Christmas Budget Bliss

According to a number of national reports, Irish families spend an average of €2,700 on Christmas. It is important to plan and set a budget if you wish to keep your family finances in order… and avoid a spending shock in early 2020. The following tips have been developed as a guide to make the festive season a truly family one and less of a debt-filled one.

Start with a Gift List

Protecting yourself against fraud

Your financial well-being is vulnerable to a range of life events, including loss of income, loss of health and also, a relationship breakdown. But it also vulnerable to the criminal actions of others. It is important to protect against fraud and at St. Joseph’s Irish Airports & Aviation Credit Union, we believe the best approach is through education. Following are a range of fraud methods used by criminals designed to get you to part with your money. So be aware and take care.