Sub-prime personal loan lender eyes Irish market

Amigo loans, a UK sub-prime lender has secured regulatory clearance from the Central Bank, this is according to a report in the Irish Independent today.

Amigo Loans have been in operation for a few decades. It says it lends to people with impaired credit or poor income, who cannot get a loan approval from traditional lenders, including credit unions.

A Debt Consolidation Loan for Simplicity

Following the end-of-year spending splurge, return-to-school expenses and a host of other bills, families can sometimes find they have multiple and expensive debts to repay each and every month.

But instead of stressing, there is another way to make debt manageable again.

Love Your Money this Valentine's Day

February can be a challenging month. After the long, dreary month of January has passed and with kids entering mid-term break, the temptation can be to back off your financial goals. After all, it’s the month where advertisers kick into full marketing overdrive to separate you from your cash with their savvy Valentines-themed marketing drives because they know how tempting it can be to have a little fun. Who could blame you. January was such a long month after all, those grey days of post-Christmas austerity, who needs that?