Practical tips on buying an electric car

With the recent shift in public attitudes to ‘Green’ policies, it is clear that more and more people want to do the right thing from an environmental perspective. At a household level, Reduce Reuse Recycle is a still a simple, effective environmentally-friendly way of reducing our footprint and taking those important steps that can add up to make a big difference. Motoring is a big part of the environmental debate.

We lend more than 3 times you know!

The St. Joseph's difference A lot of members still (wrongly) think that in order to qualify for a particular loan at St. Joe's, you need to have at least a third in savings / shares. This is a myth!

Loans from your credit union are easier than the myths might suggest

A few weeks ago, a credit union member enquired about a loan balance. This is the exact balance outstanding on a loan on a particular day.

It was a simple request. But the actions behind it were anything but.