Education Loans

Back-to-school education loans!   

Good news! We now offer members a highly competitive back-to-school education loan. 

Here at St. Joseph's, we focus on the needs of our members. This is why we have introduced a highly competitive back-to-school education loan for the benefit of members.

At just 7.9% / 8.03%APR, this offer is only available to qualifying members.

Managing back-to-school expenses wisely


According to the latest Irish League of Credit Unions survey, many parents have little choice but to rely on borrowing money to pay for back-to-school expenses. But there is also a ray of hope; some families are now in a position to pay those expenses using their own savings. This is a positive development.

Regardless of whether one budgets or borrows, it is important families are informed and prepared to ensure they get the best options.

Consumer watchdog to investigate PCP finance deals

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission has commenced a study into the Personal Contract Plan (PCP) car finance market.