Loan Options Available at Aviation Credit Union

A common question among credit union members is how much they can borrow.. While every credit union is different, here at St. Joseph’s Irish Airports & Aviation Credit Union, we focus on our member’s ‘repayment capacity’. This means we approve member loan applications based on how much they can afford to repay each month (not how much they have in shares / savings).

Here at St. Joseph’s, we offer 5 main types of loans for the benefit of our members, those are:

With just €1,000 in credit union savings, how Peter got a €30,000 car loan

The St. Joseph's difference

Peter had a credit union account at St. Joseph’s for years. In fact, it was his granny that had first opened the account for him for his confirmation. But in recent years, Peter was busy with work, travel and starting a family. He didn’t visit the credit union very often.

With the economy improving and Peter feeling a little more positive about the future, he was on the lookout for a car, a really nice car.