May 1st Payment Processing


Friday 1st May 2020 is a European Bank Holiday therefore, although Credit Unions and Banks in Ireland are open, the European holiday means that electronic payments in EURO cannot be made for value on Friday 1st May in Ireland.

How to protect against fraud during Covid-19, and beyond!


Scammers and fraudsters are busy at work. It’s little wonder; many people may feel vulnerable during this time of crisis and fraudsters thrive on manipulating people’s vulnerabilities. Scammers spend their entire lives perfecting their ability to win the confidence of others while the rest of the population will be unprepared. This is why it is so important to be extra vigilant at this critical time. The following are some practical steps that you should consider to stay safe from scammers:

Protecting your sleep during Covid-19

The really sudden and sharp onset of Covid-19 has upended the lives of everyone and for many, the lack of certainty combined with the onslaught of difficult news can have a really bad impact on sleep patterns. But getting a good night’s sleep has never been so critical as it has been proven to help strengthen immune systems. Following are some steps you can take to improve your chances of a better night sleep. 

Put a daily schedule in place