3 Easy Money Hacks for Your Personal Finances

1. Pre-set savings accounts One of the best ways to save is to set money aside before you get a chance to spend it. Setting up a pre-set savings account through a current account or directly from your wages means that money is put out of temptation of being spent. Many members of St. Joseph’s Irish Airports & Aviation Credit Union can, for example request their employer set an automatic deduction from wages and sent directly into a savings account with the credit union.

Preparing your finances for 2019

With the Christmas and New Year period now firmly in the rear-view mirror, planning ahead for the rest of 2019 is key. And when it comes to money, this is an especially important time of year. But before you begin, there a number of critical factors to consider. For a start, with the modernisation of the PAYE system, old staples including the P60 and even P45 have been phased out and more responsibility shifts to you.